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08-10-2020· Choose a small, gift bag-sized box to use as your template. You will be folding your paper around this box, so make sure that it is bigger than your desired gift. You can use any type of box you want, including: breakfast bar boxes, cereal boxes, instant oatmeal boxes, shoe boxes, gift boxes, etc.

50 DIY Toilet Paper Roll Crafts You Need to See!

25-04-2014· DIY toilet paper roll yarn holders. 5. TP wreath. 6. Toilet paper roll shamrock. 7. Toilet paper tube snake. 8. Recycled toilet roll curtain. 9. Toilet paper roll apples. 10. Toilet paper roll leaf tree. 11. Christmas lights. 12. Book page pillow boxes. 13. 7 steps to starting a garden with seedlings in TP rolls. 14. Make a heart stamp. 15 ...

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08-06-2021· To make the box, thin craft paint with a little water. Paint exterior of round wooden box and lid; let dry. Do a second coat to build up color, if desired. Hot-glue pinecone(s) to center of lid; let dry. 2. Line box with waxed paper; fill with loose-tea blend, such as the mix below.

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14-04-2020· Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids. These craft ideas aren't just for toilet paper rolls. You can use paper towel rolls as well if needed. The idea is to use up items you already have on hand to create crafts that are fun for kids.

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21-10-2017· With your paper wrong side up, score your paper and 1.5″ in from all 4 sides around. I will mark my score lines with a marker so you can clearly see where they are. This step is not necessary for making the boxes. For those of you who may not work with paper crafts very often, scoring is just making a line in the paper so it will fold easier.

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06-05-2019· 30. A Box of Roses – Beautiful DIY Birthday Gifts. source. Wish your friend or family member a happy birthday with a box of roses! Place some flower in the bottom of the box and make sure to stick the flowers stems inside of it. This will ensure that the roses don't wilt as quickly.

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07-12-2019· 25 Gorgeous DIY Gift Bows (that look professional!) 1. How to Tie a Perfect Bow by Evermine Blog. This color palette and those bunny-ear bows are perfect! 2. How to Tie the Perfect Bow by Chatelaine. Wrap your fanciest gift in this luxurious bow, but remember, it's all in the details. 3.

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12-04-2017· Then we tore a small piece of foil about 7″ long. We twisted this piece of foil into a skinny, wire-like shape. We wrapped this thin piece of foil around the handle of a wooden spoon in order to make a tight spiral. We then inserted the smaller spiral into the larger spiral. Note: This is the key step that makes the rain stick work.

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41. Paper Bag Gift Wrap. thechicsite. 42. Old Sweater Gift Bag. ahomemadeliving. 43. Empty Canister Gift Holders. craftynest. 44. Fabric Twine Ribbons for Holiday Gifts. mypoppet. 45. Home Made Ginger Bread Gift Tags. decoratorsnotebook. 46. Santa Christmas Gift Box. creationsonpaper. 47. DIY Home Dot Wrapping Paper and Snowman Tag. postris. 48 ...

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23-10-2019· This simple DIY kitchen towel tutorial will have you making your own cotton or linen dish towels in no time. This post may contain affiliate links at no additional cost to you. By making your purchases through the links on this website, IMSL may make a small percentage at no direct cost to you.

DIY Absorbable Un-Paper Towels ~ A Tittlemouse Tutorial

22-04-2016· The pattern we used was simply a regular piece of paper which measures out at 8 1/2 by 11 inches (which is near a common paper towel size). I also used a solid flannel on one side and my pretty print on the other in order to stretch the fabric I had on hand. 9 Easy Steps: 1. Gather your supplies (see list above). 2.

DIY Absorbable Un-Paper Towels ~ A Tittlemouse …

22-04-2016· DIY Absorbable Un-Paper Towels ~ A Tittlemouse Tutorial "When Mrs. Tittlemouse ventured to come out—everybody had gone away. But the untidiness was something dreadful—"Never did I see such a mess—smears of honey; and moss, and thistledown—and marks of big and little dirty feet—all over my nice clean house!"

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01-07-2019· Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids. 1. Rainbow Windsock. Source. This rainbow windsock craft is adorable and easy to make so it's a perfect craft for kids. Once it's finished the kids can play with it outside too or they can hang it up and watch it sway in the wind. Supplies: Toilet paper roll. Blue paint.

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Last year I purchased a beautiful 7 1/2 ft flocked tree from Hobby Lobby. I am ... Everyone seems to use dish towels in their kitchen which is why this DIY is such a great gift idea. ... I have been seeing these candles made from paper towel rolls and decided to give them a try. ...

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Make your own gift box in 5 minutes with one of my free gift box templates. Heart-shaped, cube-shaped, bag-shaped, and more. Free Gift Box Templates - Blank Make a box using your own craft paper and card stock. Print one of these templates onto the blank side. Click the box you want to make for further instructions and free template: