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Add to Cart. $. 12 in 6 in 8 in. 6 in. 12 in. 6 in. 8 in. Watts Drainage HY-725 Series 8 in. Non Freeze Wall Hydrant with NB Box.

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• Hydrant box is designed to fit in one standard modular brick course. • Wide flange surface hides the wall rough-in opening after installation. • Hydrant cover opens downward with a full 180° rotation. • Optional wall clamp assembly provides rigidity and helps secure hydrant box to the wall. Zurn Hydrants offer ease of installation ...

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Wall Hydrants Model 21 Model 24/B24/Y24 Model 26/B26/Y26 MB24 MB26 Modular Box MB221 MB224 MB226 Modular Box Model 24/26 Stem Lock Model 40 Series Model 40 Self Close/Half Turn Model 74/B74/RB74 Model 75/B75/RB75 Model 76/B76/RB76 Model 79/B79/RB79 Model 84 Model 86 Commercial Wall Hydrants Model C22/B22 Hot and Cold Model 65/B65/RB65 Model ...

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Wall hydrants have a square flange that can be mounted flush against an exterior wall of a building or installed into a round or square box to recess the hydrants into a wall. They provide access to water in outdoor areas of a building. Wall hydrants do not have handles for starting or stopping the flow of water through the hydrant's valve.

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Wall Hydrant Only C-534BX4 4-Stainless Steel Box Finish Optional Hydrant Box INLET STYLES MATERIALS Brass Hard Copper EPDM Silicone Acetal Stainless Steel Aluminum Body, Stem Ends (2), Seat, Valve Stem Cap Operating Stem, Shaft Drain Seal O-Ring, Triple Seal Stopper, Packing Vacuum Breaker Washer Vacuum Breaker Check Spider Seat Pin, Hydrant ...

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Commercial Boxed Wall Hydrants 6" STAINLESS STEEL DIAMETER CORED HOLE BOX TYPE QUARTER TURN NON-FREEZE WALL HYDRANT WITH CONCEALED HOSE CONNECTION FIG. # 5509QT-R Cored Hole Hydrant and Stainless Steel Box PRODUCT FEATURES: • Quarter-turn full-flow feature • 3/4" (19) inlet and hose connection • Removable "T" handle key

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Acorn Engineering manufactures outdoor hydrant supply and hose boxes including integral stop non-freeze wall valve & box; stainless steel hose supply boxes; lumaloy hose boxes, temperature control boxes & hose valves; hemo-dialysis boxes; and laser & remote supply boxes.

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Hydrants - Technical Information. 8600 Exposed Wall Hydrant. 8601 Exposed Wall Hydrant. 8604 Exposed Wall Hydrant. 8605 Exposed Mild Temp Hose Bibb. 8607 Exposed Wall Hydrant. 8608 Exposed Wall Hydrant. 8700 Encased Wall Hydrant. 8701 Encased Wall Hydrant.

Smith 5509QT Quarter-Turn Wall Hydrant and Box

Smith 5509QT 1/4 - Turn Wall Hydrant and Box Provides positive non-freeze protection where water is required at the outside of the building and features an integral vacuum breaker. The stainless steel recessed box conceals the nozzle and operating mechanism.

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Hydrants. 8704 Encased Wall Hydrant. 8706 Dual Temperature Wall Hydrant. 8707 Encased Wall Hydrant. 8708 Encased Wall Hydrant. 8709 Narrow Wall Hydrant. 8800 Ground Hydrant. 8801 Ground Hydrant. 8900 Post Hydrant.

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MHY-16 Non Freeze Exposed Wall Hydrant, Anti Siphon, Automatic Draining. MHY-20 Non Freeze Low Lead Wall Hydrant. MHY-25 Non Freeze Wall Hydrant. MHY-26 Non Freeze Wall Hydrant. MHY-30 Moderate Climate Exposed Wall Hydrant. MHY-35 Encased Low Lead Moderate Climate Wall Hydrant.

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HY-1500-1 Hydrant Box. HY-1500-2 Hydrant Box. HY-1500-3 Hydrant Box. HY-1500-49 Hydrant Box. HY-1600-3 Hydrant Box. ... HY-4100 Hydrant Box. HY-4500-NPB Hot and Cold Encased Non Freeze Wall Hydrant. HY-5000-NPB Low Lead Moderate Climate Narrow Wall Hydrant. HY-5500-NPB Low Lead Encased Moderate Climate Wall Hydrant. HY-9001 Plastic Wheel Handle ...

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14-02-2020· The C-534BX4 is the perfect complement to the light commercial wall hydrant it protects. This unique stainless steel box product can be installed in the structure independently of the valve. Additionally, it adds flexibility as the box can be installed by a brick mason or general contractor and the plumber can come later to install the valve through the front of the box and plumb it when it is ...